Maurice and I are in the States, and, as I write this, in Arizona to visit my Mom and go to a high school graduation. Then we are doing several other trips while here-lots of driving. So, anything to do with France will not be here.

A cactus flower in bloom with a busy bee blurred with movement.

A sunrise in Prescott, Arizona, from our hotel room.

In Prescott, we stayed at a historic hotel called the Hassayampa (named after a nearby river with an Indian name). It has two resident ghosts but I never saw or felt them. I loved the lobby.

I went into a shop, Gab & Jo, that sold things only made in France, along with some antiques. The owner loved all things American-he even took a piece of my American Trident gum-but there he was selling French items.

A stuffed rooster, the symbol of France, was in the window.

This was cute.

I liked the sun from the window on this scale, an antique.

And this lamp made of a polaroid camera.

This napkin was in a window next door. I really liked it. I would have found out the price but it was closed for lunch.

Right off of Rue Jacob is a street full of interesting places.

Inside this courtyard is a very nice cafe called Treize-a baker’s dozen. It’s owned by two Americans and has really great food and drinks.

Hard to resist old stairs.

This cafe is attached to a hotel with the same name.

The interior of the cafe- a little blurry because I didn’t use my flash.

The very nice lobby of the hotel.

A nearby florist-so Parisian.

I went to lunch with a friend in the Left Bank and took a few photos as we wandered around.

This was in an art gallery on Rue Jacob. I don’t know if the little boy is taking a star down from the sky or putting one up but I liked it.

An arched entrance into a courtyard. Always magic.

Art for sale on the sidewalk.

Another courtyard.

I took this photo from across the street. I really liked the frame.

A few photos taken in the last couple of days in Paris:

Lovely theater by the Palais Royal.

Over the top architecture in the 9th. Used to be a house of ill repute if you know what I mean.

Went to dinner and had some very good “bio” wine which is wine where no insecticides were used on the vines.

My wine glass with a candle beneath it.

Delicious gazpacho.

Saw this on the way to the metro stop, the Rex movie theater at 1 Boulevard Poissonnière. Very dramatic at night. It’s in the 9th which we noticed was full of young people, many new places to eat and lots of activity.

Here are some photos of our last days at our beach place before heading back to Paris. Usually we stay until October but this year we are heading to the States. I always miss our apartment when we leave, especially the light and the view of the ocean.

A bride and groom on the path which leads to a fishing house. I was wondering why the photographer had them show their feet. I see photographers and couples all of the time around the beach. The other day there was a very pregnant bride and she was wearing a bikini of sorts. Some of the photos had her in a veil, others just the bikini. It was a chilly day and I bet her teeth were chattering. I wanted to get down to the beach for a photo but didn’t make it in time.

The lovely Cafe de la Paix in la Rochelle. So cool and restful, a feeling of times gone by.

A door knocker on what appeared to be an empty apartment. You can see that the mail slot is stuffed with advertisements. There was grafitti on the door too.

I spotted these mushrooms for sale at a market. Always a sign that Autumn is around the corner.

Another door knocker, more unusual than most.

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