Around the Marais

The Marais has long been one of my favorite areas of Paris. Here are a few photos I took the other day.

img_2342 There are lots of beautiful windows to be seen but they are really special with autumn touched vines.

img_2350 The Village Saint Paul is always interesting to walk around. Very quiet and sort of lost in time.

img_2351 This painted wall and door in one of the shops caught my eye.

img_2353 This box was in an antique shop too. I’m not sure what it once contained-maybe powder?-but I like the colors and design.

img_2356 The window of a florist.

img_2354 Isn’t this a great corner?

A Pretty Walk

I love to get outside and walk when the temperatures are cool and fall in in the air and golden leaves are everywhere. These photos were taken on the Promenade Planteé near our apartment building in early November.

img_2041 There had been a rain the night before and a lot of leaves came down.

img_2043 So nice to have this view as you walk along.


There are very few flowers on the walk except for rose bushes so it was a delight to see these seasonal mums.

img_2047 The grass is green for a little longer.

img_2048 I loved the yellow leave behind this statue.


I am writing this post on November 14th. I don’t know when it will be posted. I tend to save posts when I have enough material and photos. In this case, I see signs of Autumn and, even, a few signs of Halloween, now past. Windows tend to be decorated according to the season.


Doesn’t this look like Autumn? It was outside of a vegetable and fruit store on Rue du Buci.


Then I saw this newspaper shop also on rue du Buci and look at those windows! They’ve started with Christmas decorations early.


img_2263 Then I passed a flower shop near Parc Monceau and the window was full of Christmas items for sale, sort of like in the States.

img_2290 This is rather elegant and it is still what I consider Autumnal colors although, without a doubt, Christmas decorations.

img_2291 And trees made of feathers.

Parc Monceau

Near the Jacquemart-André Museum is the Parc Monceau. It’s a very beautiful park but I am seldom there as it’s nowhere near where I live-it’s in the 8th arrondissement. It’s different from most parks and when I was getting ready to post on my visit there I did a Google search and it has a fascinating history. It was established by Phillippe d’Orléans, Duke of Chartres, who was a cousin of King Louis XVI. He decided to created a public park and being a lover of English gardens, wanted it to be similar, full of what are called follies, which are reconstructions of buildings from different ages and countries. He wanted to surprise and amaze visitors. When it was first created there was an Egyptian pyramid, a Roman colonnade, antique statues, a pond of water lilies, a farmhouse, a Dutch windmill and on and on. There were often unusual animals there too, such as camels. In the end, despite being a member of the assembly that voted to execute his cousin, he too became a victim of the guillotine and the park was nationalized.

The park was reduced by half in size and houses of the wealthy were built on the property. When Napoleon III came into power, Haussmann, that great city architect, did a lot of redesigning of the park. In 1871 after the downfall of Napoleon, there was a rising of what is called the Paris Commune which was then crushed and the park was the site of a massacre of the Communards by army troops. (This also happened in Pere Lachaise Cemetery). So, wow, lots of history, right?



img_2309 I was there on a rather icy cold day but the sun was out.
img_2299 Two Roman looking columns.
img_2300 They give pony rides to children too.
img_2304 This”ruin” lies at the end of the lily pond. Very picturesque.
img_2306 Here’s a bridge right out of Venice going over some water. It was a Chinese bridge on one point.
img_2308 This rotunda is by one of the entrance gates. There is an apartment at the top. There are nine gated entries into the park that are closed at night and monitored by a fifth generation park watchman who lives in that apartment. Six private homes located right on the park have 24 hour access to the park. Wouldn’t that be something?
img_2307 I don’t know why she was dressed like this. There was a guy with a camera next to her so who knows.



Autumn in Paris

Autumn in Paris is one of my favorite seasons. The temperatures are usually mild, there is often sun and, of course, the leaves start turning.

img_2113 I often see these plants at florists around the city. I don’t know what they are called but they look like little lanterns.

img_2163 This florist had added some pumpkins to the flowers. They do some decorating for what is called All Saints Day, or Toussaint, instead of Halloween, but not on the scale seen in the States.

img_2147 I went for walks each day with a friend around Lake Daumesnil in the Bois de Vincennes. Maurice and I used to walk in the Bois but I never saw this lake. We started early one morning and there was mist, always  a pleasure for this Southwest girl who seldom saw it growing up.

img_2162 Loved seeing these golden leaves reflected in the lake.

img_2151 There is even this temple on a little island.

img_2180 I even got a swan in the mist which turned golden in the early morning sun. I don’t like the early nights, especially with the time change, but I do love the mornings, especially as the sun comes up.

Montmartre by Night

Montmartre, high above Paris, is delightful by day, full of photo ops, but it’s even more enchanting by night. I thought it would be pretty deserted once the sun was set but there were people everywhere, probably because it was a very mild night.

img_2073 Tried to get an iconic shot of the stairs just lit by street lamps but they seemed too bright to me.

img_2075 The stairs in front of Sacre Coeur were packed with people and there was live music being played.

img_2080 A glimpse of the cathedral.

img_2088 I’ve seen photos of the restaurant all over Instagram. They were closing up when I was there.

img_2095 A pretty window of an old cinema surrounded by autumn leaves.

img_2101 Another iconic shot usually seen by day. I liked the atmosphere at night.