The other evening we joined some friends at a restaurant that had a charming interior but the food was very disappointing. I hate when that happens. It even had good reviews on Trip Advisor. Go figure. (le Gorille Blanc, if you want the name.)

See? Isn’t that pretty?

A very inviting ambience.

Isn’t this window selling kids clothing cute? It was in the Marais close to where we ate.

We walked over to Place des Vosges looking pretty at night.

The park there was closed for the night.

I went with Maurice to the American Embassy for him to apply for a visa but because I didn’t have an appointment along with him, they wouldn’t let me in. So I walked around the area a bit-it’s right off of Place de la Concorde-then went into WH Smith and bought a book and decided to head home.

The famous Hotel Crillon is having a huge renovation and is going to be closed at least two years. They put up some art over the scaffolding so you don’t have to look at ugly construction.

The pretty park right across the way. The sun was shining, the trees were blooming. It was a really pretty day.

That horseman holding flags is on top of the Hermes building. I’m not sure why. There is a lovely garden up there but I don’t think I’ll ever be invited to see it.

I thought these stockings/socks and shoes were interesting. There were across the street from Hermes in the window of another shop. Maybe Prada? Anyway, the last time I wore some shoes similar to those-remember Candy clogs?-I fell down some stairs and my then toddler son came over and asked me if I had an “owie”. I sure did. Nothing broken, just bruised. I never wore the shoes again.

Ah, the Palais Royal. One of my favourite places. They finally took down the awful wooden structure that was there for about two years and you can see it in all of its glory.

Right before you enter.

See! The view isn’t obstructed.

I was there before the tulip trees dropped all of their flowers. There had been rain and wind the night before and they weren’t looking their best.

The fountain there.

You can see the petals on the ground and the benches for sitting and just taking it all in. I have a friend whose son proposed to his girlfriend here. The marriage didn’t last but the romance of the place does.

I went to an exhibit of clothing by the famous Lanvin at the Galleria Museum the other day. Since I exited at the Georges V exit on line one I made my usual quick stop at the George V Hotel for a look at the flowers.

Spring tulips at the George V.

The museum is in a beautiful building as are most museums here in Paris.

Jeanne Lanvin started her career when women wanted copies of the clothing she was making for her daughter. The clothing was beautifully presented mostly in trays and reflected into mirrors. This one wasn’t and I liked seeing it in the painting of a lady who once wore it. Lanvin was also famous for her perfumes, My Sin and Arpege. I think my mother had a bottle of Arpege once.

I also passed the Louis Vuitton store while in the area. I don’t know if they now sell matches inside with the famous logo on them but it’s pretty much all I could afford to buy there.

Windows are always fascinating in Paris. Here are a few that tempted me:

Colorful macarons to match the colourful box.

An antique book being held open by those cute book markers.

Easter eggs and the cute little girl figure in the window of a Russian shop.

Hand lotion sold at Buly 1803, a great shop for fragrances, candles, soaps, etc.

This cute little dog sitting next to a window with his master on a bus of course made me take a photo.

Some days I just sort of mindlessly walk around Paris and take photos and, as you might expect, except for them being in Paris, there isn’t really a theme. Here are a few of them:

A devout Jew in the Marais (note the soldiers in the background) reading what looked like a Bible but turned out to be his iPhone on the opened pages. Modern times.

A small garden in the sun with Spring flowers blooming.

A small sculpture of a horse behind a cloudy window.

A reluctant little dog when it sees that giant dog in front of it.

Protiferoles, my favourite French dessert. Chocolate sauce people.

St Paul St Louis Church in the Marais. I’m always amazed to see the front of churches like this, sort of a false one with the actual lower building behind it, added after the original building to change the style.

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