One of our favorite things to do in Austin is walk around what is called Town Lake which is actually part of a dammed up river, done to control flooding. I see that they have renamed it Lady Bird Lake, the wife of President Johnson years back, but it will always be Town Lake to us. They had horrible flooding in Austin and the surrounding area a few months ago but it hasn’t rained since and the trail is very dusty, coating my dark running shoes when I walk there. I love being there early in the morning when the light is good.

I especially liked the light on this tree with the water in the background.

This was under one of the bridges.

The same bridge with a nice reflection and a boat being rowed under it.

Of course, I am seeing family while here. This is my son, Jason, with his five boys. They certainly were interested in whatever he had on his phone-I forget what it was now.

I used to live in Austin, Texas and, in fact, this is where I met Maurice. We are now in the States for four months wondering if we could live here part time. My children and grandchildren all live in Texas so we are here reconnecting and exploring.

This was the first photo I took in Austin of a very hairy guy biking along. I wanted to get a photo of the two little ears on his helmet but they don’t show up.

On our very first day back we had barbecue at Blacks. Nothing better than smoke brisket.

We also went on the trail around Town Lake and ended up walking in the dark. We used to run on this trail all of the time. Mostly I walk now.

A pretty area along the trail.

Rowers in long boats doing their thing.

Of course I spent time with family.

We went to a University of Texas football game on our first Saturday. They lost by a heart breaking one point.

Tailgating parties are huge around the campus before football games. This is an enormous grill at one. Lots of drinking as you might guess.

This being Texas, many girls were seen wearing boots.

I can never get tired of seeing the Eiffel Tower. It’s such an icon of Paris and a thrill, really, to be walking around and suddenly, there it is. I was in the area not far from it and took a few photos.

From Trocadero.

This is on the Pont Alexander III as I walked across to get another view of the tower.

A very well known spot for a photo of the Eiffel Tower.

From the other side of the bridge.

You can tell that Autumn is arriving when you start finding chestnuts on the ground.

We had lunch the other day with Maurice’s sister and afterwards walked around the Père Lachaise Cemetery. It was a sunny, warm day and it was great to walk around and I always get information I didn’t know about various people buried there when I am with a French person.

It’s starting to look like Autumn with some leaves in the gutters.

Nine out of ten people roaming around there seem to be looking for the tomb of Jim Morrisson, I don’t know why.

I’m pretty sure this guy was looking for it.

This lady was painted gold a few years ago.

Someone put some roses in this statue’s hands.

The tomb of Chopin who, by the way, was half French.

Sort of strange metallic carving on a tomb.

This hasn’t been touched in a very long time.

I try to do a walk every day, sometimes a bit of running, and I usually head to nearby Promenade Plantée as there are tree lined paths, rose bushes and flowers. It’s especially nice if it’s a sunny day. Some times there are so many joggers that it’s crowded even early in the day. Anyway, here are a few photos I took on my last time there.

There are some nice apartment buildings along the path as well as good views of older buildings in the area.

The sun always does good things with architecture.

This bridge crosses over a nice expanse of grass below.

Here’s the grass area. Doesn’t it look green and inviting?

Once more, a mix of photos.

One of my favourite streets left as it was in times past, rue Saint-André-des-Arts.

A bistro along the street.

We needed two desk chairs and happened to see this place not too far from our apartment and bought two. It sells used furniture.

I liked their displays on the wall.

The display outside on the street.

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