An Evening of Jazz

April 10, 2005
Last night we went to a jazz show in the little village of La Tour d’Aigues, not far from where we live. The leader of the jazz group, and clarinet player, was a neighbor of ours just up the road, an owner of a gite. Maurice and I, along with my sister and her sister in law had stayed at the gite once when our house was still being built. It is a wonderful building, a couple of hundred years old with thick stone walls and antiques everywhere. It wasn’t the cleanest place I’ve ever been, but I loved the feel of it. I was really surprised at the professional level of the band. If I closed my eyes, I could have been in a club somewhere in the States, even New Orleans. Mostly the band plays New Orleans type jazz but last night they had a fabulous older guy, a professor of music, who played a few tunes at the piano and the music went into what I call smooth jazz. It was a great evening. We did get to bed until 2 AM. We have found, the longer we are here, the more we enjoy it and alot of that has to do with the people we are making friends with and the happenings we attend.