Carousel in Aix

This Saturday we we to Aix to see what supposed to be a festival with costumes. It was just a band dressed in blacks vests who did play very good music, sounding like the Irish music popular now and there is, indeed, a link between Brittany and Ireland. This carousel was nearby, set up especially for the month. It was made in 1999 but looks like something from several hundred years ago with creatures to ride right out of Jules Verne.
Close-up of a flying man
Close-up of Flying Man
I particularly liked this fish with seats below
I particularly like this fish with seats suspended below.
Liked this toad that you can ride inside of.
Isn’t this toad fun-you can ride inside of him.

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  1. Linda, these are incredible. do you remember the artists name? I have seen some smaller pieces similar to this… will have to try to dig up the article. I would love to see your other photos!!!

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