Monte Carlo

Maurice and I were lucky enough to be able to attend an annual Master’s tennis match in Monte Carlo through a friend who plays in a league in Provence. It is a lovely drive to Monte Carlo with the country side in Spring bloom. I especially love seeing the parasol pines come into view, sillhouted against the sky. I always know I am near the sea when I see these. The country is very hilly, even mountainous, right down to the water. The traffic is always heavy as people love living and visiting in this area. This is a sad time for Monte Carlo now as Prince Ranier just died. His funeral is on the 15th of April. On the way we saw many policemen on motorcycles on their way to help with security at the funeral-1800 extra policemen were sent in.
A group of policement that we passed on the freeway.

You enter the city by curving back and forth on the narrow road first high above giving you fantastic views of the city and sea below.

Monte Carlo
The tennis match played on red clay

We saw Federer play, the number one man player right now, and a new up and coming young French kid. A great day in the sun-perfect weather. From my seat I could look to the right and see the Mediterranian Sea. High above a hotel that intrigues me. It must have fantastic views. There was a seat for the royal family and usually one of them comes to see the matches but, sadly, it was empty today with a boquet of flowers with a black scarf across the middle

The hotel-called the Vista Hotel.

view to right
The view of a great house I could see the to right from my seat.

It was a long day-we didn’t get back to home until 9 PM-but lots of fun. The Cote d’Azure is such a beautiful place.

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  1. What a coincidence – we just saw Federer play here last month. Angela won tickets online, and we got to see an exhibition game where Lance Armstrong came out and played doubles with the singer from Asleep at the Wheel, Federer and Jim Courier!

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