When I first came to Paris, I spent my time taking photos of all of the facades I saw there. There was a period in time when much time was spent fashioning and sculpting truly splendid door ways and windows. You will often see the name of the architect and the date somewhere by the door of the building. The dates end about the time WWI started. Many of the facades were done around the time Napoleon III hired Hausmann to change the face of Paris. Hausmann is the one responsible for the wide boulevards, the sewer system and the beginning of the metro lines, as well as the many little parks scattered around Paris. I have hundreds of photos of facades that have caught my notice. Sometimes it is just a small window, sometimes a huge painting done on the side of a building.

This photo is of a door that was facing a narrow little street, almost an alley, off of the Rue Faugbourg St Honore. I wonder what was behind it and what it represented. Maybe a seafood restaurant. Whatever it was, I love it, especially the color.

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  1. Hello Linda,
    I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing these wonderful images.I lived in Paris for about 7 years and miss it sooo much. I check your website everyday to see if there are any new photos of places which I had maybe strolled by or a cafe I might have spent my time in… My husband and I have been seriously considering moving to Paris. We both speak fluent French and love everyhting about it. He is Russian and I am American. Do you have any tips, ideas about the move ie: Visas, real estate (we have been lookng to purchase an apt) Any advice you can offer would be great. When I lived there years ago the move was easy (no children, no husband etc.) but, now with a 17 month old it is not an easy step and I want to be sure. Again thank you for giving us all this wonderful website…. sometimes it really helps makes my day:)

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