A Garden in Provence Part 3

I actually have a few of these purple plants growing wild in my yard-thistles, I think.

I love the lavender against the sunflowers. What a great mix of color.

Maurice decided we should have a vegetable garden. I really didn’t want one, although you can’t beat the taste of a tomato right out of the garden. They just take alot of time and energy and they are rather like pets-they can’t be left alone for very long. We did hook up an automatic water system but you never know what you will find after being gone for more than a few days. I also had in mind a much smaller plot than the one Maurice ending up digging. We planted 6 tomato plants, 6 eggplants, and 6 zucchini bushes which came up from seed. From seed we also planted radish, lettuce, carrots, basil and parsley.
I am not a fan of radish as I don’t like that rather hot taste although they can be good eaten in the French way with a little butter and salt. The main reason I planted radishes is because they are so rewarding being the first to germinate and in a very short time, they are ready to eat. The lettuce was quick to come up as well but I don’t like its taste very well-it has that sort of hot, peppery taste that radichio has. I like mild lettuce.
We have lots of green tomatoes after a few weeks, about 6 zucchini that need a little more time, some very small eggplants and the parsely and basil is really doing well.
When I first planted the garden, I arranged it in the way I had read about in an old gardening book with wide planting areas and closely planted or seeded areas leading to more vegetables. Trenches run down on each side. The first thing Mrs. M said was that this was not how it was done in Provence. I did the same thing, basically, in Arizona and Texas, known for their heat, and was fairly sucessful. I am told that you plant the vegetables in the ditches here, close to the water. Well, whatever. I seem to be getting vegetable sto grow but I suppose I will try it the Provencal way next year if I do it again.
We also have 6 new fruit trees-apple, cherry, apricot, peach, pear and fig. We actually got a few small fruit this summer, maybe ten tiny cherries, a dozen small pink apricots and there are two baby apples. I’m not watering as much as I feel the need to, trying to do it more in the Provencal way.