The Lavender Festival of Valensole

A lavender field that I passed on the way to Valensole.

Lavender Festival of Valensole

Once a year a little village deep in the lavender country of Provence has a lavender festival. It is well worth the drive along the winding country roads, especially when passing the eye-catching lavender fields with their fragant flowers and it is so great when the fragrance, so clean smelling, fills the car.
I arrived rather early, as festivals go, about 10 AM, and the parking lot was already filling up. I walked uphill to the village to find a little square full of every conceivable type of item or food made using lavender. There were bottles of lavender aperitif being sold, lavender pate, whatever that is, lavender honey, soap, potporri, and even lavender ice cream. Any type of arts and crafts item I’ve ever seen could be found, all with lavender involved in the decoration.
I found some darling lavender colored, lavender sented teddy bears and bought one for my grand daughter. One stand was selling incense sticks that were advertised to last 2 ½ hours, so I bought ten to fill my house with the scent of lavender. Lavender honey was for sale everywhere. Being a honey lover, I tasted a few but was finally sold on some that had been whipped so it was thick being sold by a religious order of nuns advertising their order as one of lavender and spirituality. To tell the truth, I can’t really taste lavender in honey, but I enjoy trying.

A colorful basket of lavender soap for sale.

They were giving away free bouquets of lavender.

I bought one of these for Ella, my granddaughter.