A House in Provence Chapter 7

I love this fountain. It is at a very nice Auberge and restaurant in the little village of Saignon. The owner, an American, gave us a cutting of the vine behind the fountain with orange flowers so we can try growing it at home. It does well in both heat and cold.

Two fish in the water of the fountain looking like some modern painting.

A House in Provence
Chapter 7
Part one

The first thing I noticed when I walked into our new house was flies. I hate flies. I assumed that most people did. The next time we went to the store we got some little plastic devises that supposedly kept flies out of the room by emiting some chemical but they didn’t work. When once again at a store, almost a daily occurence, I spotted a fly swatter, I bought it. Nothing like the tried and true. It is called a “tapette a mouche” here in France. I was going to tap the flies all right. Maurice laughed when he saw it and was a little puzzled by my vigilance in killing them. He has a sort of live and let live attitude but it drives me nuts when I see two flies having, possibly, what looks like sex on top of something I am going to eat. I feel like they are dirty and can visulize all sorts of disgusting things they had been on before entering our house. Maurice was raised on a farm deep in the country so maybe he just got used to them. Someone, a long time resident of France, said, “They are small creatures and they don’t eat much.” I eventually found out the source of our flies-a sheep farm just up the road. I was told that flies aren’t everywhere in Provence, just near farms. Sigh.
I’m going to have to get used to life in Provence with flies. They are just a factor here at our house. I think Australia has the same problem. I remember seeing people watching the Australian tennis open wearing these strange hats with corks hanging from strings attached to the brim. Supposedly, this keeps the flies off of your face. I may have to look into this.
An update: July 24th, 2005. Maurice was looking through a catelogue and found some affordable screens which we will install ourselves. They look deceptively simple to install but, of course, this is not the case when it comes to actually following the directions. We had to cut them to size and, even though they are supposed to easily fit into place for winter removal, they aren’t sturdy enough, so we will have to drill screws through part of the frame to keep them in place. I’m so happy though. I didn’t think this would ever happen especially when we got a bid from some screen people and they wanted 1000 Euros to custom make a screen for just one large sliding glass door. Maurice is out there sweating right now as I write this trying to install them.

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