Elliot (the cat) Speak Out

Here I am, sunbathing in the sun.

Elliot Speaks Out

You know, my human and I were pretty happy by ourselves. She adopted me from an animal shelter and we were a match made in heaven from then on. I have a few “issues” as they say. I just can’t get over my fear of humans making sudden movements, even my human, no matter how hard I try. She says that something traumatic must have happened to me when I was a kitten, but I don’t remember it. It didn’t help that she got me “fixed”. I think that was uncalled for, but I forgave her.
As I was saying, we were doing just fine by ourselves and then she brought this Frenchman home. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice enough guy, but I don’t think we needed another male in the house. But, she didn’t listen to me and, before long, he was a permanant fixture and I got used to him and would even get in his lap if I was feeling friendly that day.
So, then they have to go and move and not only was I in a new apartment, I was in a totally new city, Paris, and a new country, France. Everyone talks strange and, it seems to me, dogs have more privilages around here than cats. They let the darn things into restaurants and even let them sit at tables if they want. I saw this from the window of our new apartment. I’m just stuck here in the apartment unless they leave the door open which happened once. I got all of the way downstairs three flights before someone found me.
I finally get used to Paris and one day I find myself in a carrier on a train and in yet another new place, this time something called Provence. I must admit I like this place better. There are all sorts of windows to look out of and I sometimes get to go outside when they are eating dinner on the patio, but I quickly run inside if something startles me.
I will keep reporting on my progress here and will write more soon of the enemy up above our house named Spike.

Look at this ugly dog and tell me that cats are not superior!