Autumn Arrives in Provence

Aren’t these grapes a lovely color? They are getting close to the time when they will be harvested. This hasn’t been an extremely hot summer this year so it is hard to know when harvest will be. Each year I hope I will get to see the vendage, the harvesting of the grapes and the making of wine, but I always miss it. This year, unless there is a late harvest-they are usually in September-I will miss it again. I vow to be here next September. I hate to keep missing it.

I was driving along one day on one of the little narrow roads that are all over the place in Provence past a vineyard that Maurice and I have visited before, when I suddenly saw this windmill that hadn’t been there before as far as I can remember. The body of it looks old but the wooden structure and arms are all of new wood. Anyway, it is a lovely sight to see sitting amongst the grape vines.
I think Autumn is defintely here in Provence. On the 15th of August, for the first time, I needed a sweater when we ate dinner out on our porch. The area got its first rain in months last night and there is that little coolness in the air, especially in the mornings. This is when that lovely slant of the sun occurs and the light is particularly golden.