Back in Paris

We are back in Paris where it has been very hot. The temperature in Provence is actually higher when you look at the themomoter, in the 90’s when we left, and it only shows it to be 85 or so here in Paris, but it certainly feels hotter. The streets retain the heat, there isn’t much of a breeze to be felt and the metros and buses retain the heat. Even with the windows open in the metro, the breeze just feels warm. I really can’t complain as I remember two summers ago when it got above 100 every day-now that was hot.

Palais Royal is always one of the first places I return to in Paris. Here is a look at some conceptual art done in a place where the parking lot used to be. I think it represents all of the columns along the covered arcades here.

One more photo of my favorite fountain there. I like the way the columns are repeated over and over in the silver balls along with the clouds in the sky.