I left it in Paris

Aren’t these cool shoes? They were worn by a guy who cut my hair. I can’t remember his name but I sure remember his shoes. I have found a good place to get my hair done in Paris, Coiffirst, which in on Rue du Buci, down a little courtyard. I’ve had my hair done there by 4 different people, and like all of their work. My first time there, however, I almost decided not to return as a lady who was having her hair frosted, was sitting there smoking. It hasn’t happened since, though.

I Left It In Paris. This is often our refrain. Just yesterday Maurice was looking for some glue. I knew I had bought a stick of glue and we looked everywhere for it before I remembered that it was in a drawer in our kitchen in Paris. I’ve never had two residences before and, being the forgetful person I am, can’t remember what is where. I have duplicated hair blowers and make-up just so I don’t have to carry them back and forth. I have a set of clothes, mostly casual and excercise ware for working in the yard, in Provence, and a dressier set in Paris. I find I am wearing things over and over as I have fewer pieces in each place, not a bad thing. The only thing I always lug back and forth is my laptop computer. One of these days, I may have a computer in each place but then I wouldn’t have my photos, etc., in one place or another.
Having two separate kitchens is interesting as well. In Paris, I have a hand held mixer, but not in Provence. Here I have one of those immersible blender thingies, sort of like a blender, the old fashioned kind, but you don’t pour a mixture into the blender, you put the blender into the container, if you know what I mean. I have a food processer in Provence, but not Paris. I do alot more cooking in Provence and try new recipes mostly because all of my cookbooks are there.
I can’t really complain since I am lucky enough to live in two places in France but it sure is a source of frustration sometimes.

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