Raclette is a fun meal that I discovered when Maurice made it for me after skiing in the French Alps, right across the border from Switzerland. Like fondue, also from the Swiss, it is melted roublechon cheese poured over boiled potatoes and some ham. We have a special little appliance that melts the cheese under a broiler and keeps the potatoes warm on the top. Nice and easy and great with some white wine from Savoie.

Here is the appliance with the potatoes keeping warm on top. The cheese is put in little metal pans and slide inside where the broiler unit is.

Here is the cheese being scraped out of the pan onto a pile of potatoes and ham. Note there are also cornichons, little dill pickles, that you eat with it.

One thought to “Raclette”

  1. Love to cook with roublechon cheese, but can not find any supermarket or deli shop that sells it, i have to wait untill i can get to France befor i can buy it. I usuarly buy enough untill the sell buy date, is there any where that you know that i can buy it in the south of england? Thank you


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