A friend wrote to me after reading about my last entry on raclette. She had heard about it and wants to buy the “appliance” to do it when she is in France again. I see them everywhere and think it will be easy to find.
I also saw a raclette done at a restaurant in the French Alps. There was a big hunk of the rublechon cheese in front of a grill set on the table. As the cheese melted, it would be scraped of the big piece of cheese onto the plate with the potatoes.
Another popular dish from the same area-those Swiss are great with cheese dishes-is one called Tarteflette. I first saw it on a menu in a little cafe in a village called St Maurice. I saw the ingredients-hard to beat potatoes, onions, cheese and cream-and ordered it. Maurice turned it down as he said it was too heavy in the middle of the day and that it would stay with me a long time. He was right. It was very filling but very tasty. This isn’t a recipe that I have tried at home. I guess the closest I come is scalloped potatoes. The rublechon cheese adds a very different flavor, I think.
For an interesting look at this dish that the writer bought in Paris, go to: http://www.xanga.com/chezchristine and look under October 9th. Looks like it would have been good.