Rue des Martyrs

There was recently an article in the New York Times on a walk in a neighborhood and the street that runs through it, Rue des Martyrs. It is an area usually skipped by tourists and one usually walked and shopped on by locals. The blog, Chocolate and Zuchinni- also wrote a little about a few shops found there. One of these is the Rose Bakery. It is owned by a married couple, one of which is English, so the whole shop has an English ambience and sells English products.

This is their sign on the side of the building. I would have walked right passed the place as the sign is very discrete. There are a few little metal tables outside for days with sunshine.

Cans of English baked beans for sale. I remember people often ate these on toast in England. Another one of those cultural things.

The shop has a nice selection of baked goods. I tried one of their scones which was really good but I was disappointed that they didn’t sell that famous, artery clogging clotted cream that the English do so well to go with it. The next time I go, I am going closer to 1 PM when they sell really good looking small pizzas. The little quiche looked good as well. There was a really long line of people waiting to buy lunch as I left. It’s a very small place and many were waiting for an available table.
By the way, while the street is fairly interesting with some boulangeries along the way, I enjoy other streets more as far as having places to eat and an open market “feel”. I think the nearby Rue Lepic (of Amelie’s cafe fame) is much more interesting and lively as is Rue des Abesses taken to reach it from Abbesses metro in Montmartre.