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Don’t you wonder about the story behind this bike with its flat tire? I wonder how long it has been there.

Just about everything, in some way, is different in France. Now, of course, their beds are similar to ours, there are just differences. They don’t have box springs, for instance, but flat, narrow platforms with small wooden slats that are convex and it seems to do the same sort of job to me. There are no wheels underneath, but straight legs. I brought some of my box springs with me to France and they all have wheels. I used to think this was great but here they slip and slide all over the place, moving even when you sit down on them. I had a horrible time finding some sort of flat little rubber containers to go underneath and, in fact, finally had to buy some in the States.
The French aren’t as big on dust ruffles either and I ended up bringing those back from the States as well. I will say that they can be a little difficult when the matress moves around when someone sleeps in the bed and, when the duvet cover is tucked under at the end, everyone but me also tucks in the dust ruffle at the end of the bed-not a pretty site.
I had never used duvets before I came here. They are fluffy bed coverings, very warm in the winter, that are tucked into large envelope type covers, rather like putting a pillow into a pillow case, and that becomes the bedspread. I bought some, in Paris, for our two twin beds and they are too small. There are little drafts of cold air when you are sleeping in either twin bed when you turn over and the narrow duvet doesn’t quite cover your whole body. I should have gotten one size larger so they hang over the edges of the mattress more. They are a pain to get the duvet into its cover-it takes all sorts of pushing and pulling and fluffing.
When I moved here, I put a top sheet underneath as this was the way I was used to doing things-putting sheets under bedspreads. The French don’t do this, but just use the duvet. The problem with this is that the duvet cover has to be washed and then you have to do the wrestling thing again getting it all put together. I do see people, usually on the week-ends, with their duvets laying across the bottom of the open window being aired. I haven’t done this as of yet as my windows are filthy on the outside frames. I do know that it is the habit here, and in other European countries, to pull back the duvet and open the window for a while every morning so everything airs out. Some people even put a mirror on the bed to see if it fogs up, a sign that it hasn’t aired out enough. I must admit, I never thought of this. I just washed the sheets when I thought they needed it. I’ve been trying it, just so everything thing is as dry as possible every morning.
I have returned to putting a top sheet under the duvet on our queen sized bed. I like keeping our duvet cover as clean as possible so I am not always washing it, and when it gets too hot, the sheet is nice when we push the duvet to the bottom of the bed.

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  1. The only way to get my double duvet back in it’s cover on our king size bed is the inside out method. I iron the cover inside and out. When it’s ready to go back on the duvet, I hold the corners of the cover to the matching covers of the duvet (stand up on the bed) and shake it very hard. The cover then drops down over the duvet and it ends up the right way round.

    Does that make any sense, try it, it’s much easier.

    I’m always exhausted after doing this.

  2. Hi

    we’ve moved countries and experienced different sleeping arrangements.

    Currently we have a bed about 220 X 220. It is actually 2 twin beds fastened together. On top of the two mattresses is a thinner mattress covering the whole bed. We bought this bed in Sweden. We have a jumbo size bottom sheet. But, we abandoned the jumbo sized quilt. When Mme was cold, I lost my bedding. When she was comfortable, I was too hot, etc. So we have two large single bed quilts on top. Mine has a thinner filling. In odd seasons, we fold an extra cover down the middle so either of us can use it if feels chilly. We have all windows open behind the shutters from March to November.

    The downside is : we can’t buy bottom sheets anywhere ………… but Sweden !


  3. Thanks for the information on getting those darn duvet covers on. I will try it next time. I also iron my duvet covers-our washer leaves them very wrinkled.
    Peter-It is amazing the things we have to do to be comfortable. I may look into two single bed duvets. I too get that cold draft in the middle of the night when Maurice turns over and takes the whole duvet with him. Ah, the married life. Linda

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