Must Love Cats

Maurice and I are talking about taking an around the world trip. This will, of course, be without our cat. We have taken short journeys and left Elliot, our cat, in the apartment in Paris and a nice lady comes twice a week to feed him and change the litter box. It would be up there with animal abuse to leave him like that for 3 months. He is very friendly and likes to interact with people and I think he would pine away.
I once looked into someone to cat sit. I found the name and phone number of a man in FUSAC, a magazine for Americans in Paris-mostly-advertising all sorts of things. This man’s ad said he loved cats, had a screened in porch and reasonable rates. Since he was French, I had Maurice call him. The first thing the man asked was, “What do you feed your cat?” Maurice didn’t even know and had to ask me. The answer is Friskies, the stuff you buy in any grocery store. I have actually tried the expensive cat food that you must buy in pet stores, IAM’s and Science Diet. My cat hates both of them and actually starts to look unhealthy with his coat getting dull. He perks up again with Friskies. He, by the way, won’t touch canned cat food or even chopped up liver. Anyway, when the possible cat sitter heard the word, “Friskies”, he yelled, “You hate your cat!” And hung up the phone. Well, gee. I don’t.
So we are now looking for someone to sit the cat. If anyone out there knows of a cat lover who won’t charge me the cost of an around the world plane ticket to cat sit, let me know. I wish I could figure out a way to get him to my daughter, a true cat lover.

Here is Elliot, sweet little thing.

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