Plastic-less in France

A nice line of trees in Provence in the Autumn

France has passed a law outlawing the selling or use of plastic in France. Smoking, however, will continue, at least for now. We can no longer get plastic bags in the grocery store when it comes time to load up the food just purchased. We have had to buy several bags that are reused, sold to us by our grocery store, Hyper U, to get things from the store to our car, to our house. Plastic, as we all know, doesn’t decompose in land fills but lingers for hundreds of years so I happy to try and do my part and find other ways to do my usual things. I miss plastic bags as I used them for recycling and kitter litter cleaning. We are now waiting for new bags to come out made of cellulose that will decompose. I wonder if Zip Lock will come out with something that will decompose? I usually bring a supply from the States as I like the quality better than what I find here. I guess things will be a little inconvient but I’m sure we will manage. Gasoline won’t be around much longer either. I wonder what will be available then? We are going to do our traveling now while we can both get around well and while there is still gasoline for flying. Things do change.

The vineyards are all changing the color of their leaves and the sun travels lower in the sky slanting with golden light through the leaves.