Les Arcs

There are several places is France called Les Arcs. I’ve been to one of them in the French Alps for skiing. On the drive down to the Cote d’Azures I had often noticed an exit sign for another Les Arcs along with a sign saying, “Medieval Village” and I had read, some time ago, that it was an interesting village to visit. So, on the way back from our day trip to St Raphael, we took the exit and went into the old section of Les Arcs. It is full of ancient narrow streets, lined with stone that meander their way up a hill to the top. It was interesting to walk around and it had the feel of Eze, but without the hoards of tourists and no shops except for a few artists selling their work. At the top was an interesting looking hotel which used an old chateau as part of their building called, Le Logis du Guetteur. You enter an ancient gateway into an courtyard with an incredible view. There was an interesting looking restaurant up there as well. Maybe someday we will try it.
A few photos from Les Arcs, mostly doorways:

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  1. I like Les Arcs, splendid place to wander around. I enjoyed a meal in a smart restaurant looking out over the vinyards (can’t remember what is was called). Where do you live Linda – which village?

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