I’m in love with color

I can’t take enough photos of red leaves, especially on the grape vines.
Sometimes I don’t feel like a “real” photographer because I am not doing “studies” of something and I don’t do haunting black and white photos. I can’t get away from color. I simply love it. Autumn is especially delicious in Provence with shades of gold everywhere and the sunlight is even golden, especially in the evenings as the sun sets.
I did take some photos in Paris up at Montmartre, all in black and white. Here is a sample:

It is ok-I like the shadows, but it doesn’t grab me like color. A neat quote by Cezanne, that master of color: At the very end of his life Cezanne wrote, “Long live those who have the love of color – true representatives of light and air.”

We leave today for Paris. I will keep the memory of this view near our village on a rainy, gray day in Paris.

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