French Women Don’t Get Fat…

….but American women living in Paris do, at least this American woman. I’ve had a few of those slim French women over for meals before and they really watched what they ate. I was eating twice as much, having the cheese, drinking double the wine and eating dessert. They have just a little of everything, no cheese, sometimes no salad, and a sliver of the dessert.
My weight has been going up the scale since I moved here. I find it hard to pass up cheese or wine and if something tastes good, I have trouble stopping with just a little taste. Maurice and I used to drink a lot more wine and have a large lunch and dinner but I had to stop that. I feel like I am passing Maurice in weight and, if he should try to carry me-not a likely occurence-I would, as he says, squash him like a crepe.
The French, of course, believe you shouldn’t starve yourself and go on crazy diets. You should enjoy life. Once, when complaining about how tight my jeans had become, Maurice said( sweet man), “Why don’t you just buy larger jeans?” Isn’t that great? My ex used to tell me to never get fat because he couldn’t stand it.
I do walk more here in Paris but I think I need to start doing marathons if I’m going to get back down to my old svelt self. I have strong legs, but get above my thighs and it isn’t a pretty picture. And, now, here is Thanksgiving. I just baked my pumpkin pie, have a stuffing mix ready to fix, turkey, potatoes to cook and mash. Sigh. Won’t be loosing any weight tomorrow.