Cold and Snow in Paris

View from our apartment window to the street below.

This is the apartment across the street-you can see the snow falling.

About two weeks ago it was beautiful not only in Paris but all of France. There were blue skies, sunshine and temperatures in the 70’s then, bam, all of Europe was hit with a major cold front. We are lucky if it gets into the 40’s during the day. The skies had been without a cloud which means the nights get really cold and I knew, should we get clouds that it would lead to snow. And I was right. There are now big, fat flakes floating down from the sky. Ordinarily, I would get outside to get some photos but because it is Saturday and early in the day, I know it will all be a big mess as kids get in it and play. Plus, it is really cold out there and I don’t have any boots good for the snow. Maurice keeps saying, “Snow, in November”, with wonder in his voice, which means that it is unusual. Actually, snow in Paris is fairly rare. Since I have been here it has snowed maybe once each year. The snow resorts are happy of course as they are starting to get badly needed snow. There is lots of spring skiing here as I guess snow isn’t good until then on the whole. So, we bundle up and find things to do that don’t require many trips outside. It is chilly going to markets to buy fruit and vegetables and I’m glad I’m not one of the sellers having to stand outside all morning in the cold. They are all covered, however, so that helps. I think I will make myself a nice, hot cup of tea.