Place d’Aligre

There are many interesting street markets in Paris. The largest one in Paris is at Bastille on Richard Lenoir. The stalls stretch out for two blocks and besides fruits and vegetables, you can find cheese, meat, chickens being grilled in huge grills, Italian food including home made pasta, and even cheap clothing to choose from.
I like the market on Nation as well where Maurice and I usual go to shop as we can walk there. One of my favorite markets, however, is at Place d’Aligre, not far from Bastille. It is smaller, louder and more crowded than most and the best part is that it is opened every day except Monday. Something unusual here is that there is a permanant covered market that I love to walk around. There are the usual butchers and cheese sellers but also a gourmet olive oil store with large casks that are full of olive oil from places such as Provence or Italy that are decanted into bottles of three sizes right there in the store. There is also a man there who sells fruit and vegetables who is in the Guiness World Book of Records. He has made displays of fruit and vegetables as large as a football field. He has a scrapbook of photos of all he has done and once spent about 20 minutes with me showing it to me. Sometimes there is a huge pig at a nearby bucher being grilled whole, head and all, tail stiffly browning as well.

One of the butchers in the covered market of Place d’Aligre.

Some lovely pigs feet for sell there