Lollipops: Fashion Assessories in Paris

Lollipops is a chain of stores in Paris selling fashion assessories such as purses, belts, shoes, scarves and hats. I have a personal interest in Lollipops in that it is the creation of my husband’s daughter and her husband. I am amazed at the creativity behind it all and feel so proud when I see one of her purses being carried by someone on the metro. I want to tell them my connection and that I know who designed the purse they are carrying although I have nothing at all to do with it all-none of my genes at play there. There are 5 locations of the stores in Paris and many all over the world-except for the States. Marjorie, the designer, recently renovated the store on Rue Tiquetonne and we came to take a look and watch a photo shoot being done there for the summer catalogue.

This is a corner inside the store with its cute couch and some of the accessories here and there.

Here is the model in front of the store. I especially like the dog. It obeyed his owner and stood there all perky and cute, although shiverying. It was a freezing day and I’m sure the model froze in her short shorts. As soon as they gave her a break, she dropped the leash and rushed inside the store leaving the dog just standing there. Its owner hurried over to pick it up. She gave me several dirty looks while I was taking my own photos. Maybe she thought I should be paying her.

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  1. Hi!
    My mom brought me back a wonderful necklace from Lollipops in Paris and I love it. I was just curious, is there anyway to order items online from the states?

  2. I found your post after looking online about Lollipops after discovering the brand in Larnaca, Cyprus. I now own two pairs of Lollipop shoes, and two pairs of Lollipop boots. I think they are fantastic, so much more \’alive\’ and quirky than the usual footware you see in shops. As I am going back to the UK soon, I would love a way to keep buying their shoes and boots without going over to Paris.

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