Graffiti in Paris

There seems to be more and more graffiti in Paris and I hate most of it, but a few are interesting and even amusing. Some of these graffiti “artists” have become famous in Paris and are culture pop stars invited to parties, that sort of thing. One of these is Nemo. What I like about his graffiti is that is is always different. He always has the same objects: a man in a hat, a cat, a blue bird, an umbrella and a red ballon. However, they are always doing something different.

Here he is in the corner of a Marais building.

This was also in the Marais.

2 thoughts to “Graffiti in Paris”

  1. I used to live in New York when Keith Haring was still doing graffiti in the subway. You’d come down in the morning and one of his wild characters would be chalked on the quay or outside the turnstile! It was really fun– you never knew what to expect.

    I’ve never seen Nemo. He must not hang out in my neighborhood.

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