Christmas Eve Menu

There are a few differences here in France as to what is eaten at Christmas. The French, naturally, don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, so their big family meal is Christmas Eve. On the menu is foie gros, raw oysters, turkey or capon, and Buche de Noel. My family isn’t here, Christmas being the time when I get a little blue because of this, so Maurice and I had our own Christmas Eve celebration. We had some really good foie gros, the goose liver of an over-fed goose. I didn’t think I would like this when I first moved to France, but it is really good stuff. Maurice also had oysters. I will have one, but that’s about it. I had some shrimp instead.

Maurice’s oysters. Note the little bowl-it contains vinegar with chopped up shallots. Maurice likes these on his oysters. It does give it a great taste.

On Christmas Day we had a great turkey from Picard, a place selling really good frozen gourmet food and also a ice cream Buche de Noel, really seriously good stuff.

Another food often seen during the winter is Chacroutte, which is a variety of sausages and ham with sauerkraut, potatoes and carrots.

This is very good, but very filling. What I would call comfort food. I don’t know why but about twice a year I crave sauerkraut. We bought the items for this meal at a local market. They had cooked the sauerkraut in champagne which made it really good.

An unusual pair of Christmas trees that I rather liked. At least you wouldn’t have to clean up pine needles afterwards. I didn’t have a Christmas tree this year, just some candles. Feeling a little “Scrooge-ie”