Around The World-Beginning and Hong Kong

I have been posting about Paris and Provence since the beginning of January but, in fact, they were from a “book” I wrote a couple of years ago. Actually, Maurice and I have been on a around the world trip. I am going to continue to post photos from France and my postings about living here but am also going to post my journal on our trip.

Here is one of my favorite photos taken in Place des Vosges, one of the most beautiful squares in Paris.

The Venus di Milo is always surrounded by tourists madly taking photos. I have been trying to get a photo with her in the digital screen as well as the sculpture itself.

Jan. 3rd, 2006

The Beginning

We drove to the CDG airport shortly after lunch and there was fog which got gradually thicker as we neared the airport. I was wondering if would affect our take off time and, sure enough, we were over an hour late taking off. I turned to Maurice as we sat in the plane waiting for the back-log of planes to take off and said, “I’m tired of flying already.” We will have many planes to board before we finally returned to Paris.
It was an eleven hour flight to Hong Kong, our first destination, and also January 4th. I really like the airport, all huge and shiny clean. We took the train to Kowloon and then a taxi to our hotel as we had been advised by Maurice’s daughter who has to fly to Hong Kong on business. We probably would not have stayed in such a nice place had it not been for a Christmas present to upgrade us to the Langham Place Hotel. The hotel is in the center of a huge shopping complex that we could see from our room on the 32nd floor. The complex also had a food court which we made use of several times when we just wanted a simple meal. We were able to check right into our room-it and the whole hotel had a wonderful aroma of some sort of flower, ginger, I think. I turned on the TV and there was the Citrus Bowl from the States which we watched for a while but we have no idea who won as we fell asleep for a couple of hours. After a bath for me and a shower for me in the beautiful marble bathroom, we set out walking through some wonderfully funky streets with many signs stretched out over-head which would light up the area once it turned dark into something as bright as Las Vegas. None of the shops had doors or even fronts, but were all open air with most of the wares spilling out onto the sidewalk. I guess it is never cold enough here to worry about more than some occasional rain. Temple Street, a popular shopping street, was pedestrian and just starting to get set up as we walked along at 3 PM. We stopped at a McDonalds as we were both feeling hungry and all of the shops we passed looked a little risky to try the food. I had a really good Korean Beef Flat Bread sandwich which was very fresh and tasty. We made our way down to the harbor-lots of fog and hard to see much across the water on Kong Kong Island. A walk along the Walk of Stars along the water where there are stars of various Chinese movie stars, the only two I knew being Bruce Lee and Jimmy Chang. A long walk underground led us to the very clean and efficient metro which brought us back to our hotel. We had a drink in the hotel bar, went to the food court for a light dinner and struggled to stay awake past 9 PM as we had major jet lag as we didn’t want to awaken at 3 AM.

A monk with a digital camera. It just seems strange to me to see them using new technology and acting like tourists.

7-11’s are everywhere in the world. We also saw Kentucky Fried Chicken and Subway stores, and many more.

Brooms for sale!

The Hong Kong streets all lit up.