Around the World 3 Hong Kong to Bangkok

Doesn’t this make you want to sit down and order something French?

Sacre Couer. Doesn’t it look great with the green trees and blue sky? When the skies are gray it isn’t near as dramatic.

January 7th
We slept in rather late then had a good buffet breakfast at the hotel which was to serve as both breakfast and lunch. Then we walked up the street from the hotel where there were supposed to be birds for sale but found another market instead. I liked it better than the Ladies Market which I took Maurice to see last night after we saw a very cold outdoor tennis match. I bought a large “designer” bag for my daughter in law to use as a diaper bag. At the market today Maurice found some jeans for only $10 which had a Levi brand which I doubt is real. They even shortened them for him in five minutes. They fit well when he tried them on later. On the way back we walked along a street selling all sorts of fish, mostly tropical.
Then time to go to the airport. We took a taxi to Kowloon metro stop where we then took the airport express train where we were able to check in our luggage , got a refund on the octopus ticket. It was a walk of at least 30 minutes to get to our boarding gate. I found a new inexpensive electronic solitaire game at a shop on the way.
We arrived at the Bangkok airport after a flight of less than two hours. We were told to make the taxi driver turn on the meter and, if he didn’t, to get out. Ours didn’t but we kept quiet. We knew the approximate cost so we let it go when he told us our charge. When we arrived at our hotel, the Davis, we were told our room was still occupied. We had to wait twenty minutes and got a suite in its place which was very nice. Driving to the hotel, I was reminded of Mexico-lots of shacks and open food stands with dogs here and there. We did a walk to the sky train which, it turned out, was a very long walk from our hotel. There are some guys across the street who gave rides on a motor scooter which we ended up using the next day as it is very hot and tropical. Again, on our walk, it seemed so much like Mexico. There was building going on at night looking rather primitive, no street lights, food stalls almost in the dark, people sitting on the streets, many mangy dogs, mansions along side old ugly buildings. We found the sky train and our route for the next day then went into a mall which is almost exactly like one you would find in the States and full of modern, well-dressed girls. We checked for e-mail at an internet cafe, got lost in the mall and came out finally not sure where to go. Finally found our way back. On the way we passed a huge restaurant, the Seafood Market where a sign said, “If it swims, we have it” and you can select your live creature and then it is cooked in a huge kitchen with an army of cooks. We had a horrible night probablly due to some chocolate we ate. We watched several movies as there are three movie channgels available at our hotel.

Here are a couple of the “dressed gods” that I saw in Hong Kong.

Lit incense rings with prayers attached.

I assume there must be alot of spitting in Hong Kong for this sign to be up. There were signs against graffiti as well.

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  1. I wondered at first but then later added to the no hawking-spitting causes the spread of germs so that’s what I think they mean. It just struck me funny. Linda

  2. Hi Linda

    Rebecca is right, the sign just means no hawker stall is allowed to be set up. It has nothing to do with spitting. The words in Chinese has the same meaning as the words in English, “no hawking”.

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