Mariages Freres

This photo is taken through the window so not too clear. This wonderful tea shop is selling special tea for the Japanese. The Japanese love this tea.
Mariages Freres is a sublime tea shop found in two great locations in Paris. They have been selling tea for centuries, often to French royalty.I always take guest inside just to inhale the fabulous fragrance of the teas and to see the old French ambience. Loose tea is sold in large containers and they let you take a wiff of any tea you would like to get an idea of the taste. You can also buy tea bags there, candles, incense and tea pots. My favorite tea sold there is Marco Polo and their Christmas tea. They also have a tea shop in each location but I find them very crowded and noisy although it is worth it all to get a taste of their desserts, especially their creme brule-the stuff of heaven.

A nearby painting on a wall looking like a waiter in a window.