Around the World 7 Chiang Mai

It is hard not to take photos when you see the Louvre. The pyramid can be a shock at first as it is so modern next to the Louvre but I like it now and love photographing it.

The fountains haven’t been working for about a year. It adds alot to photos.

Chiang Mai

January 11th
After a good buffet breakfast we walked into the old city to use an internet cafe then took a tuktuk to the river for a short cruise to a “farm”. It wasn’t really a total rip off but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It was nice to get on the water but the shore wasn’t very pretty and they had dregged the river leaving big hills of dirt in many places. This area had a huge flood last year and you could see the dirty line left-mostly on homes-where the water level had risen. Some foundations had given away and I’m sure ground floors were flooded. The farm was really just a garden with various Thai plants and some old farm implements. We got a little plate of fruit and some juice and then came back. The boat lands at an interesting wat, very old and much visited. We had a good lunch at a place callled The Good Earth. It had a beautiful garden with giant trees giving welcome shade. We ate upstairs on a veranda make of teak and had to remove our shoes to go up. We went to the night market again where I met a friend who has been to Thailand before. She does tours there with women. She showed me some of what she considers good buys there.
Yesterday we walked by an old wat and saw a sign for massages, some of which would even help heat problems and arthritis. I went in and had a massage for one hour for the equivalent of a couple of dollars. An older man did the massage and it felt really wonderful. Maurice had one later at the market for his neck and shoulders but he wasn’t that impressed with it. The area is thick with massage places and mostly girls hanging out front like prostitutes to offer their services.

This was the entry lobby of our hotel. Very luxurious but not expensive. Once we left Thailand and Malaysia, the luxury ended and the prices went up.

A rather human looking buddha.

Me getting a massage fully clothed. I was having gall bladder pain from, I think, my malaria medicine and I asked for some sort of reflexology massage but wasn’t understood. At the end of an hour, the pain was gone and I felt great.

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