Around the World 11 Last day in KL

January 17th
We went to the KL Twin Towers in the morning. The tickets are free but only 26 at a time are allowed up to the bridge on the 44th floor-so we had a two hour wait during which we went into the mall and had breakfast. The towers are the tallest twin towers in the world at 88 stories. There was a great view from the bridge, built as an escape route should there be some sort of reason needed to evacuate one of the towers,when we finally got up there. The towers were designed by an American, and built by the Japanese and South Koreans. It has become a huge tourist destination. Afterwards, we stayed in the mall and saw a movie and then checked our emails. An interesting experience at the movies–when we bought our tickets they asked us where we wanted to sit and gave us tickets for a specific seat. There were some advertisements before the movie, one giving tips on smart buying ,such as buy good quality. The movie had subtitles in both Malaysian and Chinese. The movie was Pride and Predjudice something I wouldn’t think many people in Asia would be interested in, but there were Malaysians there along with us.
After we cooled down in the pool, we went down a street near our hotel that we hadn’t been down before further than our internet cafe (we used this rather shabby place as it was much cheaper than our hotel). It was very lively, packed with restaurants and shops and many foot reflexologists. I’d like to try it sometime but passed it up this time. I bought five DVDs with one free for about $5. I hope they work when we get back home. They were pirated films and openly sold. Back to the hotel for another early night. We are really frustrated that we can’t find a TV anywhere with the Australian Tennis Open showing. We did finally find a British Bar showing the highlights.

The bridge from inside. Notice how few people there are. We had a guide as well. Interesting but I’m not that into modern buildings I guess.

This is the lake area behind the mall complex. The fountains aren’t working but you can see how huge it was.