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The view of our resort from the beach. Great looking location.


January 18th

Off to Langkowi, an island off of the coast of Malaysia. Our flight would have been on time but one person was missing a boarding pass when they did a head count. It turned out to be a child in a large family. Those with children boarded first and one family had only one child but all eleven relatives boarded with it. Asia Air doesn’t assign seats and they charge for luggage over their very low weight limit. We’ve decided that we wouldn’t use Air Asia again. Many flights aren’t on time, we don’t like paying extra for our luggage and not getting seat assignments. Their fares are usually cheaper than everyone else but the luggage charge put it almost up to the price of other airlines.
Langkawi was very tropical and caribbean-like. The taxi fare was very low to our hotel. To say we were dissapointed in our room is an understatement. It was very tired and tacky, although I liked the hotel lobby which was open and airy. The rooms are each seperate bungaloes up a hill in a forest not on a beach as I had hoped. I got an immediate deja vu feeling of being in a camp in junior high except the bathroom was in in the room, not across a campground. Our room was very rustic to say the least and badly needed renovation. We had lunch in a cafe over looking the ocean and decided to see if we could get a better room. Indeed we could at about $40 more a night. If we had only been going to stay for only one night we would have stayed but with four nights we didn’t want to “suffer” so we moved to a much nicer, newer room. It requires a drive in a cart every time to get to our room but we have an incredible view and a modern, clean room. As the sun set we saw many boats out fishing and when it got dark they all lit lights and it looked like a reflection of stars on the water.
January 19th
Today, after a buffet breakfast, we decided to just hang out at the pool. We saved our loungers by the pool with towels before we ate just like people we hate who do thaat. From our place at the pool we can see jungle leading up to volcanic looking mountains. It’s a great pool with a ledge that the water flows over, a pool for children, boulders and large rocks all over and a jacuzzi type pool that bubbles although it wasn’t heated. There is also one of those bars with seats in the pool under a cabana.
The hotel has a real probelm with monkies and if you don’t lock windows and doors before you leave, they will enter the rooms and make a mess and perhaps take things. Monkies are trained in this part of the world to climb coconut trees and twist off the coconut and throw them to the ground.
We ordered hamburgers for for lunch and they were horrible. After being cooked they were still red and had a strange taste. I’m thinking maybe they were sort of like spam. I noticed that no place in Malaysia served pork of any kind probably due to the Muslim population. The island is 85 % Muslim.
January 20th
We rented a car today to drive around the island. After we left we noticed that the car was totally on empty and they hadn’t bothered to tell us. Luckily, we found a gas station. The island had an almost African vegetation and it looked like it origins are volcanic. I was reminded of Tahiti here and there. It doesn’t seem very prosperous on the island. I was very disappointed in the capitol, Kuah City. It is known for its duty free shopping but I didn’t see much of interest and could have kicked myself for not buying more in Thailand. I was a little disappointed in Malaysia on the whole and wish we had spent the time here in Thailand. It’s either very heavily Muslim which has no religious culture to see or ultra modern like KL. The people are very nice but I just wasn’t touched or charmed by them as in Thailand. The capitol did become more prosperous as we left the other side and we passed some much nicer homes. Then we went to a dead end road to a beach called Tanjung Rhu and it was so much nicer than our with wonderful little islands right off shore. There was a resort there which I wish we had stayed at.
January 21st.
Another day by the pool. It is amazing to me that I can spend the whole day just sitting, reading, looking at the scenery, people watching or taking an occasional dip in the pool. I walked along the beach a little and got a good view of our resort. It is in a fantastic situation despite the desparate need for renovation.

The view from my seat by the pool.

View from our room during the day.

View from our room at sunset. My favorite picture, I think.

A couple of photos on the beach there at the resort.

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  1. You won’t find pork in Malay or international restaurants (since both of them cater to both Muslim and non-Muslim populations), but you can find that in typical Chinese restaurants. 🙂

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