Spring in Paris

Spring has arrived in Paris. There are the usual showers and blustery winds but the temperature has gotten up into the 50’s which makes it all bearable. Whether it will stay warmer is, of course, the question as the weather is always up and down in the Spring in Paris. Here are a few photos I took around the Marais and the Left Bank yesterday in between showers.

Some great looking bread in the window of a patisserie on Rue du Rosiers in the Marais. I always want to go in and try their desserts. These places also have great sandwiches.

Some boxwood trimmed in an wonderful shape. This is in the garden at the Carnavelet Museum in the Marais.

This dog is a resident on the Hotel Vieux Marais. Her joy in life is to eat, as I was told by the nice man at the desk. This seems like a nice hotel on a quiet street. The people I met there said they liked it.

You can tell that Easter is coming when you see all the fabulous chocolate animals and shapes in the windows of patisseries. They usually are hollow and contain smaller chocolate pieces inside.

There isn’t much to show that it is Spring in the parks yet. This fountain in the Luxembourg Gardens usually has flowers in the urns. None of the trees have their leaves. It looks a little bleak until:

You come upon some crocuses blooming in the grass-always a nice surprise that gives you the feeling that winter and cold weather are now behind us.