Around the World 15 Australia

January 31
Off again, north up the coast trying to make some good time as we are told that the best part of the trip is up by Queensland. We stopped for lunch at a town called Grafton which looked like a town out of the America Wild West. Our lunch was at a tacky bar with indoor/outdoor plaid carpet which even ran up the side of the bar. There were 15 signs up that we counted saying no one under 18 would be served alchohol. Good lunch. I had hoped to see more of the beaches as we drove but we were mostly inland where there was mile after mile of sugar cane with banana groves also growing, then there were low rolling hills beautifully green. At some point we passed signs for Koala Bears although I never saw one in the trees. I did see a Kangaroo but it was inside a fenced in area. I imagine that the kangaroos cause as much damage to plants in yards as deer do.
We ended for the day at Byron Bay which is a funky little town put on the map by surfers who loved the long line of beaches. The beach we saw was very rough and overlooked by a hill called Byron Point named by Captain Cook after Lord Byron’s-the poet-grandfather. It is topped by a nice lighthouse which sits on the eastern most point of Australia. We we drove into the town we went, “This is more like it!” It was so much more lively and interesting than yesterday.
I am surprised at how difficult it is to understand the Australian accent. Once I had to have someone “translate” Australian for me spoken by someone on the phone. The further up the coast we go, the more trouble I have understanding the accent. Hard to believe that Australia and America both started from the same place.
It is interesting to be driving as the English do on the left side of the road with the steering wheel on the right. It takes alot of concentration for me to stay in the middle of a lane and not have my car bump along the edge of the highway. It is hard being a passenger as well and I spent so much time saying, “Get Over!” to Maurice that I finally had to look either left or right but not straight ahead. I was sure he was going to have a wreck, epsecially on some narrow roads we were on and that the tires on the left side of the car would go into a ditch. It takes some getting used to.

The view from the hill where the lighthouse sits.

The lighthouse. It was a beautiful day-look at that blue sky.

The sign saying this was the most easterly part of Australia. First place the sun rises.

It is hard to see but there was a path that went all the way down to this area.