Around the World 16 Australia

February 1st
Today we headed for the Gold Coast to a town called Surfer’s Paradise but first we drove inland to what they call the hinterlands and, following narrow curving roads, went to see some waterfalls, actually the Minyon Waterfalls. They fell over 100 meters but we were at the top of them. It was a 4.5 km walk to the bottom so we didin’t do it. Before we left Byron Bay this morning, we went up to the lighthouse for a spectacular view. I wish we had done a kayak/dolphin trip as we could see them far below and it looked fun. We should have snorkeled too. We next drove to Nimbin, a place lost in the 60’s with all sorts of hippies about, signs about marijuana and people openly smoking it. There was also a funky museum with a VW bus through a wall, wild painting on the walls, a painted snake path to follow on the floor with objects and photos having to do with the Aboriginies and marijuana. Going there made it a long day and it took a while to reach the Golden Coast as traffic became very heavy and the highway is not wide and we started hitting traffic lights as near the citiy. There were many high rises in the area, rather like Miami, but not as flat. We had trouble finding our hotel. We didn’t like Surfer’s Paradise at all and were sorry it had been recommended. There was a very wide beach that stretched out for miles along what is now the Pacific Ocean. It had been the Tasman Sea when we were in Sydney. The water was very wild with many waves and currents.
The sport of swimming is huge here. Australia is having the beginning stages of some sort of Common Wealth Games in Sydney and they are on full time on the TV with constant reruns. The finals weren’t until days later but the winners were on the front pages of the newspaper and on the news every night. The Australians were breaking world records.

A Hemp Bar in Nimbin. While it was rather interesting and fascinating in sort of a sick way, I wouldn’t go out of my way to see this town unless you are into smoking pot. It was just one short street full of young people smoking pot.

Another building in Nimbin.

The VW Van which was set up to look like it had crashed into the walls of the “museum” of Hemp and its history.

I was so disappointed in Surfer’s Paradise that this is the only photo I took. It used to have a different name and someone in the chamber of congress came up with Surfer’s Paradise and now people come here in huge numbers. All it was was high rises and narrow streets with no great liitle roads following the sea or anything interesting like that.

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