Spring in Provence

I spot the first Iris.

We are now in Provence after having been gone all winter. I’ve been told by those who live here that it was a particularly cold winter with some days having temperatures -15 degrees-and that’s centigrade! We’ve had many days of sunshine and temperatures in the 70’s but haven’t seen many signs of Spring until about two weeks ago. The bushes and fruit trees always blossom first and the iris are now following suit. I had meant to plant some iris this autumn so I would have some in my yard when Spring arrived but never got around to it.

The view from our house on the first morning we arrived. I’m still intrigued with fog, having seen very little of it growing up.

A plane tree still holding on to autumn’s pods next to the ruined castle in la Tour d’Aigues. Love the blue sky.

I’ve seen prints of the castle in la Tour d’Aigues from a couple of hundred years ago and it was fantastic-very Italian looking. A small sign of what it was like then can be seen in the stars pressed into the corner in a section of the chateau.

My favorite section of the chateau. For some reason the curved walls appeal to me.

A fruit tree is bloom in our neighborhood.

4 thoughts to “Spring in Provence”

  1. Well, thank you. I love Spring as well. After a long cold winter it is so wonderful to see the tender young leaves on the trees, the flowering of the fruit trees and,one of my favorites, iris. I always mean to plant some in my yard in Autumn but haven’t managed it yet. Linda

  2. What gorgeous pictures! They are like paintings that have come to life. Thanks for sharing and I love your blog site. 🙂

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