A Walk in Provence

Over on the other side of the mountains from where we live is a little village called Cereste. In this area are many traces left by the Romans who once occupied many parts of France. It is also known for its fossils and, in fact, a dinosaur was found nearby. I love stuff like this. It was a lovely walk, although really, really windy-damn mistral-and I enjoyed it but was so disappointed not to find even one fossil. I know they are there somewhere but just don’t know where to look. I saw a man selling fossils at a flea market last summer and he told me he found them near Cereste and even told me it was near the cemetary there. I went, walked around the whole area and, again, not one fossil. Here is what we did see:

Notice that all of the lambs are brown. I assume they will become like their mothers with brown faces.

A really old deserted little church. Look at the cyprus blowing in the infernal wind.

We walked to this old priory, long deserted. Next to it was an area carved out of the solid rock cliff used mainly for burial and probably some very basic rooms.

I love photos of old stone steps, worn with time, with plants growing in the crevices.