A Tale of Two Suitcases

Nothing to do with what I am writing about, but isn’t this a great sign?

A Tale of Two Suitcases
It’s a sad tale. It started in December when we decided we needed new suitcases for our trip around the world. I had noticed people easily pushing suitcases with four wheels around airports and I wanted one. Putting wheels on suitcases must be the best invention ever since, well, the wheel itself. I had found that even with two wheels, the suitcase can be really hard to pull behind you if it is heavy, hurting the old shoulders, so I had to have one with four wheels.
We headed to our friendly neighborhood Printemps and entered the luggage department. I tried out many suitcases but liked one by Samsonite the best mainly because it was so easy to lift. It was made of some new miracle substance that made it extremely light. I just hate it when your suitcase is heavy before you even put anything in it. This model was wonderful and, because it was by Samsonite, I thought it would last me forever. I bought one in black, shiny like leather, and Maurice bought a duller gray model.
Well, it was nice to push them effortlessly through airports and hotel lobbies. I was very happy with my suitcase everywhere across the world until we reached the States. In Texas, Maurice’s suitcase arrived on the luggage turnstile with a huge hole popped into the side and worrying lines radiating out from it. When we reach NYC, my suitcase arrived with one of the wheels still barely attached. I guess the new miracle exterior wasn’t up to whatever happens to luggage in that mysterious area where luggage is taken. To get it taken to AA repair shop and see if it was possible to repair both suitcases would take a month so we took our chances that everything could be taken care of in France. That made me nervous. Often getting anything done in France isn’t possible and you are told, “Non”, or you have to fill out many forms and wait months. I wasn’t optimistic.
It turned out that the place AA sent us in Paris was a piece of cake. The man there took one look at our suitcases and said they couldn’t be fixed and that they would, right there in the shop, give us new suitcases. I was tempted to get the same model because the other suitcase there must have weighed ten pounds empty. Sigh. In fact, we even got an extra smaller suitcase to equal the value of our two damaged suitcases. I had to drag my new suitcase, by Delphy this time, up and down metro steps and then up the stairs, four flights, to our apartment. My new suitcase is new but I am so disappointed.

Nothing to do with suitcases, again, but I like the bright colors in the sun.

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  1. Glad you liked the story. I haven’t heard of Floto bags but will keep my eyes open should I need another bag. Right now I have two new heavy ones. Thanks for posting. Linda

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