Tennis in Monaco

Last week we went to a tennis master’s tournament for men in Monaco. We went last year as well and it was right after Prince Ranier had died and black draping was every where. This year Prince Albert was there in the royal seats as one of the players was from Monaco. He was beaten but the crowd was excited to see him play. It is a fantastic tennis venue, very upper class and fun to visit. I saw one man there in the crowd that I’m sure was a millionaire. He had a tan to rival that of George Hamiliton, designer sunglasses and watch and, of course, a blond, young thing on his arm. We aren’t sure if we will go the same way if we go next year. It turns out to be a six hour bus ride to watch about six hours of tennis. We were thinking that we should stay in Nice next year over night and save ourselves such a long day. The winner of the tournament this year was Nadal. He beat number one, Federer.

Here is the view from the stadium. Isn’t it great? Maurice and I stayed here once on a special deal with Air France in the off season. It was fabulous. Our room was on the bottom level with a balcony over-looking the bay that can be seen in this photo. So cool to live like the rich occasionally.

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