Favorite French Recipes


Recently, on a food board, I was reading about someone discovering tartines on one of the shows about cooking in the States. The lady, the Barefoot Countess, visited Paris and showed them Poiline bread and then how to make a tartine, a type of open-faced sandwich. I wasn’t very familiar with them, except for an occasional one on top of a salad in a cafe, but once a friend showed me how to make them, I’ve made them quite often as they are simple, delicious, good for starting a meal, or as the main course.


Four slices of a large loaf of bread. Flavored ones are fine, such as loaves with olives.
Garlic clove
dried tomato
ham-I like the Italian ham
round goat cheese
olive oil
basil leaves

Toast the bread, rub with garlic clove. You can then halve a tomato and rub it into the bread-they do this in Spain. Drizzle with a little olive oil. Some people, at this point, spread some sort of tasty spread on the bread, a tampenade, for instance. Top with the ham, which you can dice for easier eating, then several slices of dried tomato, basil leaves, cheese and sprinkle with the herbs de Provence. Put under a broiler until the cheese is brown and soft. Serve with a simple salad.

Just some photos having to do with food as I don’t have a photo of tartines.

This is a Croque Monsieur. A very good sandwich served in France-a sort of grilled cheese sandwich with a bechamel sauce on top so it must be eaten with a fork and knife.