I think that Aix is one of my favorite cities in France-at least of the cities I have seen so far. It is about a thirty minute drive from our house and I always love walking around the old section. Aix has three markets a week and they are fabulous. The photo above is in the square, or place, where the Hotel de Ville is located. The tower holds a wonderful ancient clock that gives a little show on the hour.

This is the other side of the tower. I love the little passage cut through it so you can walk right into the square.

This wonderful sculpture is right above the post office. I’m sure the building housed something else before. Isn’t it great how the leg of the woman hangs off into space?

Look at the cheerful color of this shop. Many of the buildings in Aix are painted a lovely golden color.

I saw this painting in a window in Aix. I love the colors. I didn’t have time to price it but I’m guessing I can’t afford it.