A Walk in Provence

The road I take in my neighborhood to check out what is new in Spring.

I love this little house. I seldom see anyone there. Note that there is only one cyprus. This is standard in Provence. The lady who helped with our yard told us that it means you are welcome. Two means keep away, or something like that.

In Spring the vegetation/weeds between the vines either gets mown or…

the weeds are totally dug up with a tractor.

The first brave poppy. Soon there will be fields of them.

A little ruin left near the small house pictured above. I always wonder what happened to the owners. I know that in Ohio-the States-that old barns are never torn down as it is considered bad luck. Maybe that is the case here but I suspect that their were either no relatives left to take over or a dispute amongst survivors so it was just left to go to ruin.

Lilacs grow wild around here so I help myself to those fabulous fragant flowers.