Arles Part 3

I took almost 200 photos of my day at Arles seeing the Fete des Gardians and thought I might as well post some more of them for those who might be interested.

Three sisters on their way to the parade.

Closeup of the ribbon worn on the head of women in Arles costume.

This was a unique hat.

Two women with their skirts spread prettily as they ride.

One of the men barely made it to the barrier before the bull got there.

Van Gogh did alot of his famous works in Arles. One of the best know is the painting of his room in Arles-he had a total of three rooms there. We saw a sign for Van Gogh’s room so paid two euros to go up stairs to see the recreation. It turned out that the original building where he stayed had been destroyed in WWII so they really did recreate his room. It was sort of a ripoff but I guess someone is making a little money. Here is the recreation:

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  1. More fabulous photos! Thank you. As for the “rip-off” room, the French don’t usually go in for money-making schemes, so I’m surprised at that. I’m always telling anyone who will listen that the French should do more to market their amazing heritage sites and museums (i.e. publish some art books in English, not just French).

  2. The photo of the woman in the hat looks just like a French doll we have here; my grandmother traveled extensively around Europe in the 1960’s when my sister and I were very little and she brought back dolls from every country. We have a Can-Can dancer doll, and one she just said was a “country” doll from France. Now I know, it was representing Provence!

    FYI I think you meant to say Van Gogh, not Cézanne. Van Gogh was noted for the work he did in Arles and that painting was his bedroom. See: I’m envious you got to see the room that inspired that painting – I love Van Gogh’s work!

  3. You know, I think you are right. Except for the great gift shops at the museums, the French usually don’t think of a way to make money. Not long ago I was at the Ronis photo exhibit at the Hotel de Ville in Paris. The photos were great and I wanted one in particular taken on top of the column in Bastille as we live near there. There wasn’t one photo, postcard or poster for sale. I certainly would have bought something.

  4. I did make a mistake-now corrected about the painting and room being by Cezanne. His 200th birthday anniversary is being celebrated this year in Aix and I have him on my mind. I love both of these artists but I think Van Gogh is my favorite. I love those bold colors.
    I’m glad you were able to place the orgin of the country doll from France. I really liked that hat. Linda

  5. Linda, I loved the picture of the three sisters on their way to the parada – so sweet!


  6. Hello, I went to that Van Gogh room in Arles last summer and was also surprised by what a rip-off it was. I was under the impression it was his actual room and so I was really excited to see it because I love Van Gogh and that painting. But once I was in I realized it was just a reproduction of his room in the painting. I could have done the same thing in my living room and charged people! Aside from that, Arles was really lovely. I love your photos from the festival

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