A Garden in Provence

I heard that it was a very cold Winter here this year. It has certainly been a different Spring. We’ve had a few days get up to 70 degrees but almost every afternoon, although the morning has been nice, the wind arrives along with some gray clouds which seldom deliver any rain. We bought 60 lavender plants that I worried about planting as they need to take root before it gets hot. That hasn’t been a problem and I think that most of them are going to make it. The plants were denuded of any roots and buried up to their branches in unprepared dirt. Then you water them and, somehow, they seem to start growing. Just a few have that really dead gray look but I can spot a few green leaves here and there on the others.
In Texas I always waited until April 15th to plant anything, this being the date considered safely past frost. I assumed the same thing here and went out and planted my vegetable garden. I bought tomato plants, including two cherry tomato plants, and set them out. I also planted melon and zucchini seeds. Last year I had tremendous luck with my zucchini from seed. I’m worried that I may have done it too early this Spring. Next year I will either wait until May 15th or so or get these tiny little plastic tunnels to place over my row of seeds. It breaks your heart to do so much work and have everything die. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Alas, none of these photos, except for the butterfly, are from my garden. But I hope that some day it will look this good.

5 thoughts to “A Garden in Provence”

  1. Oh, and the butterfly being the prettiest there. The colors of Provence are spectacular. And the red and purple geraniums always remind me of window boxes in Europe. So pretty.

  2. I love the butterfly! And that purple window shutter with the rooster, I adore that, I want those colors in my garden too, thanks for letting me dream a bit today:)

  3. Aren’t butterflies incredible? Such magnificant colors. I love the colors of Provence as well, especially the lavenders and reds. The purple window shutter with the rooster is in the village right above our hourse. I’ve been looking for one like it for our place. Linda

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