Saint Pancrace

More on Saint Pancrace, one of the three Ice Saints that I wrote about a few days ago. I went to a nearby village, Grambois, where St Pancrace is their patron saint. It is a nice little village, very beautifully rebuilt and I love their ancient church. I had read that there was a chapel devoted to St. Pancrace inside and I found it, I think. It was the only one that didn’t have Mary or St Joseph statues.

Here it is.

And here is a closeup of the golden haired saint.

The church in Grambois.

I had also read that there was a hermitage called the Chapelle of St Pancrace not too far from Grambois along with an interesting private graveyard so yesterday Maurice and I set off on what I thought would be a short hike. It actually turned out being over three hours. We meandered around the countryside, got lost and asked directions of a very nice and friendly lady in a small village. She gave us directions and three very pretty roses which died before we made it home but they were a lovely color and had a fantastic fragrance.

The roses in Maurice’s backpack.

So, we tried to follow the lady’s directions and went a little out of the way but, at the last minute when we were about to give up, we got to the top of a little hill and there it was. The cemetery is full of people who were actually from Conneticut of all places who had married French people. The most interesting grave is one of a woman as it is a huge pyramid. Supposedly she is buried standing up underneath it.

Here it is amongst the cyprus trees.

The Chapel itself turned out to have some religious order living there and a nun in a brown habit came out and told us that it was private. After we left, I wish I had asked her more at St Pancrace and if they worshipped him especially. There was an interesting portion outside that I wish I had photographed but she stood there obviously waiting for us to leave but here is a photo of the chapel, or hermitage, that I took before she came out.

There are churches and chapels all over the hills of France and the rest of Europe, I am sure. I’m glad I made my own little pilgrimage on St Pancrace day, even though I am not a believer.

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  1. I agree about that nun. I guess making a convert wasn’t on her agenda that day 😉


  2. I guess nuns don’t look at tourists as possible converts. Maybe this is one of those orders which must remain in solitude to be close to God. I’m sure my agnostic self would have been a big shock had she taken the time to talk to me. I didn’t take it personally.

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