Signs of Spring

I am hoping there will be no more cool days. Yesterday was the first day it felt like it was getting warm and the first time it was pleasant enough to have lunch on the porch. Once the heat of summer arrives we will be eating on the porch for all of our meals. It is such a pleasure to sit out there and look at the plants, the scenery, the blue sky. A few photos showing that Spring is on the way at last:

More and more poppies on the road sides.

Bright new green leaves appearing on the vines.

Tiny little grapes on their way to becoming great wine.

4 thoughts to “Signs of Spring”

  1. Hi Linda,
    Nice piece. I try to avoid St. Trop – the journey is hard and the crowds are stifling. But an out-of-season sortie is obviously a different story. Well done!

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