One of my favorite villages to visit in the Luberon is Roussillon. Long ago they mined the rocks and soil around here to make ochre, that wonderful rusty golden color used in painting. The color is now made synthetically so the demand died down but you can still buy sacks of the powder and paint a wall with it, which I did, or use it in your own art projects. The whole town has a great rust color and is a fabulous place to stroll around, although it can be an aerobic workout as it is on the top of a hill.

A view of the church tower as we trudged up a hill from the parking lot.

An artist who is getting it down on canvas.

I don’t know why but ceramic chickens are for sale all over the place.

The best view in the village.

5 thoughts to “Roussillon”

  1. roussillion brings sweet memories to my heart!
    i lived in lambesc for 4 years, it’s 20 minutes from aix near rognes…ah how i loved it and miss provence terribly.
    had a baby there and another back in america, i live in florida and despise it! hope to move away from here soon.

    love you photos, they remind me and my husband of our “home” he lived in provence for 13 years…O how we wish we were back there.


  2. Mechele-Provence does get in your blood, doesn’t it? I always miss it when I am gone. There is nothing like the light there, the vineyards spreading out, the villages and the way of life. I hope you manage to make your way back there someday. Thanks for posting. Linda

  3. And no picture of your wall?? You have to share! Oh yes, those “chickens” sell here for quite a bit in the states. There was a small French shop in Leesburg, VA (where I used to live) that sold them for $40 for the smallest of small! Of course, I passed that offer by!! I forgot what they called them though. If I find their site, I will pass it along. They also sold beautiful French lamps that hung from the ceiling (which could be lowered or risen by a weight) made of beautiful opaque ceramics in gorgeous colors. Quite $$$ too. My memory is shot these days, and I have the name on the tip of my tongue! I will share if I ever remember!

  4. Good to see people appreciating our lovely village – we bought a house there, right in the middle, last year and love it. Sadly we don’t get to go there as often as we like however we hope to be there very soon.. see

  5. You must love your time there in Roussillon. I love walking around the streets and the color of the buildings there always excites me. I hope you get to spend some more time there soon. Linda

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