Pont du Gard

About 45 minutes from Arles, is a must see site, the Pont du Gard. An aqueduct built by the Romans about 2000 years ago to bring water to Nimes, it was not only functional but also beautiful with three tiers of arches to take it across the river. It can be a little confusing as you arrive as there are directions to the left or right bank but either gives you access to the bridge with the left having and information center, some shops and a place to get something to eat. It is a lovely experience and, as I read once somewhere, the bridge is poetry in stone.

You wonder how it was put together without any of our modern machinery. The stones are all perfectly cut and fit together with no gaps.

The river is very lovely and you can swim right below the bridge if you want. We also saw canoes on the water.

The view from higher up. You can arrange to take a tour up at the top but we didn’t. Maybe someday.

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