Gordes is another perched village, high on a hill overlooking the valley below. It is very much visited by tourists, usually the streets are packed in the summer, and tourist shops abound. It can be difficult looking around as the streets climb up and down giving one an aerobic workout. I like to visit Gordes but it doesn’t have the color of, say, Roussillon. Everything seems gray as a result of the millions of rocks used to build the buildings and pave the streets.

One of the many uphill streets to climb. In WWII many in the village could look below and see the movement of the German troops which they reported to the Allies-got bombed as a result.

The church there, along with Joan of Arc, need a little work.

This shop always has cute pillows lined up on the bench in front.

Colorful little display.

I love the shape of this window and the cute little shutter that can be closed.

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  1. I wish I could hire you to be my personal tour guide and take me around to all these amazing places that you keep photographing and writing about. Sigh. Thank you for sharing these stories. That window is precious.

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