My Day in Paris

It was finally sunny this morning in Paris-I’m here for a short visit-so I got out to take some photos.

Near the Louvre Museum is this view of the Garnier Opera House at the end of a boulevard-the kind that Hausmann, that great urban designer, was so fond of.

This is a metro entrance in Place Colette near the Palais Royal made of hand blown glass from Murano, Italy.

Close-up of the glass.

A restaurant on Place Colette that is a great place to sit in the sun.

They are celebrating flowers and gardens in Paris right now and my favorite fountains in Palais Royal are surrounded by flowers and lavender.

One thought to “My Day in Paris”

  1. Oooh, I love the glass, and the outdoor dining and the flowers (especially lavender!). Paris looks beautiful this time of year. I was only there in March, on my honeymoon, with a terrible cold. All I remember is the exhaust burning my already raw nose! I couldn’t even enjoy the wonderful food.

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